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Defendant Name: Barnes & Noble, Cengage Learning, Inc.; Follett Higher Education Group, Inc.; McGraw-Hill LLC; McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC; and Pearson Education, Inc.
Case Number: 1:20-cv-02322
Court: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Practice Area: Antitrust Violation
Status: Active
Date Filed: 04/15/2020

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Case Overview

FeganScott filed a national class-action lawsuit on behalf of a class of college students, claiming textbook publishing and retail giants including Barnes & Noble, Cengage Learning and McGraw Hill Publishing, among others, conspired to restrict sales of textbooks to a specific online format from on-campus bookstores in order to foreclose competition and raise prices.

According to the suit, the agreements require students to obtain their required course materials from an “Inclusive Access” program by paying full-price for a digital access code from their official on-campus bookstore. When the semester ends, students lose access to the textbook, eliminating the possibility to resell to secondary purchasers, effectively allowing publishers and retailers to avoid the decline in student spending and stagnant new textbook prices

The lawsuit seeks to represent all students at colleges or graduate schools in the United States who were required to purchase textbooks or course materials through Inclusive Access.

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