Case Overview

FeganScott is investigating claims that Rad Power Bikes, the popular electric bike manufacturer, sold thousands of e-bikes with a faulty design that puts riders and passengers at risk of serious injury.

FeganScott’s investigation focuses on the faulty design of the e-bikes based on the bikes’ heavy weight, fork design and quick release parts. Specifically, the concern that the defective design can cause the front wheel to disengage from the bike frame while in operation, leading to increased instability, wobbling and even complete dismantling of the bike, sending riders into high-speed crashes.

Most concerning about the faulty design, the e-bikes are marketed to be able to meet speeds of 20 miles per hour or more, making it critical that the manufacturer warn consumers immediately of the bikes’ risks and provide a comprehensive remedy to prevent catastrophic accidents.

Rad Power Bikes, founded in 2007, has grown at a rapid rate, reaching a ridership of more than 500,000 by 2022.

Rad e-bike owners are likely subject to individual arbitration agreements. If you are a Rad e-bike owner who has been injured, please contact us to discuss your rights: