Case Statistics

Defendant Name: Beyond Meat, Inc.

Court: United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division

Practice Area: Consumer Fraud

Status: Active
Date Filed: 05/03/2023

Case Overview

Case Update: On February 20, 2024, Judge Sara L. Ellis of the Northern District of Illinois denied a motion brought by Beyond Meat to dismiss our consolidated class action complaint accusing the plant-based company of falsely marketing its products, specifically misstating the amount of protein in the products. The court found that “Plaintiffs’ allegations, bolstered by the third-party testing results summarized in the consolidated complaint, plausibly suggest that Beyond Meat has misrepresented the amount of protein in its products….” 

Beth Fegan said of the decision, “Judge Ellis’s decision is a great win for consumers and those who brought the suit to set the record straight regarding the true quality of Beyond Meat’s products, and provide relief to consumers who took them at their word in what we believe to be highly deceptive marketing.” 


In May 2023, FeganScott filed a lawsuit against Beyond Meat, Inc. for alleged false advertising related to its products’ protein content.  

According to the complaint, Beyond Meat misleads consumers into believing that the protein content of its products, including its Beyond Beef Plant-Based Patties, Beyond Breakfast Sausage, and Beyond Meatballs, among others, is higher than it actually is. The complaint states that Beyond Meat, which touts itself as a “revolutionary plant-based protein leader”, has been incorrectly marketing the protein content in its products for years, swindling millions of consumers who bought into the company’s many false claims about it being a healthier and more environmentally friendly protein source.  

Through the suit, FeganScott intends to hold Beyond Meat accountable for failing to follow federal regulations on appropriate testing methodologies for determining protein content, and as a result, misrepresenting the protein content in its products.