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Q&A with FeganScott on NY Statute of Limitations Changes

Following news at the end of May that New York has taken a huge step in paving the way for justice for survivors of sexual assault, our FeganScott attorneys wanted to answer a few common questions as survivors and allies navigate this new landscape.

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Sexual Abuse & Assault Resources

Survivors of sexual assault or abuse often need someone to call for support and need access resources that can assist with the next steps toward healing and recovery. As allies for survivors everywhere, we want to reinforce the work that we do in the courtroom by making certain resources available to all.

From our work with the Silence Breakers in the Harvey Weinstein case to the inspiring women taking on the NCAA for failing to protect student-athletes from sexual abuse at college – we will stand by your side and fight.

Here are some initial steps you can take to if you are the victim of sexual abuse:

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FAQ: How a Class Action Can Hold the Bad Actors Accountable

FeganScott is built on the notion that everyone deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard. One of our most powerful tools in speaking up against injustices to hold the powerful accountable can be class action litigation. We know that the decision to become a part of (or lead) a class action can feel unfamiliar, so we compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process.




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Raising Your Voice: What You Need to Know about Sexual Assault and Harassment Cases

The decision to pursue litigation to hold sexual abusers accountable is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. One of the main ways I feel I can support our clients is by demystifying some of the legal process. We know that survivors often have many questions like: Do I have to talk to my accuser? Will I face additional trauma in the courtroom? Is my case valid?

While each survivor story is unique, we wanted to share some insights into the litigation process so you have a better idea of what to expect.

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