FeganScott announced the preliminary approval of a $2.5 million class action settlement on behalf of purchasers of certain black pepper products in California, Florida and Missouri.
Beth Fegan was co-lead counsel in nationwide class-action lawsuit against Midland National Life Insurance Company. The lawsuit claimed the company engaged in a scheme to reap profits by exploiting and preying on senior citizens.
Beth Fegan was co-lead counsel in a national class-action against American Equity Investment Life Insurance company. The lawsuit alleged the company knowingly engaged in an unethical and fraudulent scheme targeted toward senior citizens.
As part of the co-lead counsel team, Beth prosecuted a nationwide class-action lawsuit against the NCAA for failing to implement best practices for treatment of concussions in sports.
Beth Fegan was co-lead counsel in a nationwide class-action against Babies “R” Us and several baby product manufacturers. The suit claimed the retailer and manufacturers conspired to inflate prices of high-end baby products in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.
Beth Fegan was co-lead counsel in a national class-action lawsuit against the top two providers of propane tanks used for grills. The lawsuit alleged that these companies conspired to reduce the amount of propane in the tanks from 17 pounds to 15 pounds in lieu of raising the price for a full tank.