Statement from FeganScott and Lieff Cabraser Regarding Actions Today by University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco’s removal of Coach Giarratano is a positive first step to safeguarding the student-athletes that remain in the program, but it does little to address the harm he and his assistant coach inflicted on those placed in the school’s care. It also does nothing to address the systemic institutional failures at USF that allowed this abuse to continue unabated despite complaints up to and including to the Athletic Director and Title IX office. If USF’s administration takes an honest look, they will realize the extent of the damages caused not just by the coaches but by their own shocking lack of oversight.

This is yet another example of what happens because the NCAA disavows responsibility to its student-athletes and leaves it to the schools to police their own. Case in point: calls by parents to USF’s Athletic Director and Title IX office went unaddressed until after we filed suit. We will continue to see cases like this swept under the rug until the NCAA owns up to its responsibility to student-athletes everywhere.

USF has shown that it cannot adequately address these issues. We have already heard from former players who experienced extreme levels of emotional abuse and sexualized misconduct by the coaches. By bringing the voices of players together, we can make change. If you experienced abuse or were exposed to sexual misconduct by the coaches, we encourage you to contact FeganScott and Lieff Cabraser to share your experience.