WFMY News 2: How to get money from the Kia Hyundai settlement

FeganScott attorney Jonathan Lindenfeld explains how to claim your money and what to submit for proof of loss.

Nearly 9 million drivers could be eligible for settlement money. Kia and Hyundai owners with the models that have become famous because they’re easy to steal can get payouts from $50 to several thousand dollars.

Kia and Hyundai owners are getting settlement mailers explaining the compensation. One of the lawyers working on the settlement with FeganScott says there is between $80 million and $140 million to be distributed.

“To receive funds from that you would have needed to have had some sort of out-of-pocket loss relating to theft or attempted theft relating to a Hyundai or Kia vehicle,” said  Jonathan Lindenfeld, an attorney with FeganScott.

Eight different benefits can be claimed in this settlement and you can claim several of them at one time. The biggest claim would be 60% of the vehicle’s Black Book value if the car was involved in a theft. You could also get up to $375 because you paid increased insurance costs following a theft or theft attempt and there’s even $50 if you bought a steering wheel lock before the anit-theft software upgrade was made available.

What if you haven’t bought a steering wheel lock yet and your car isn’t able to get the software upgrade? Well, you can do that now and get reimbursed.

If you had to use PTO to go to the dealer and get the software upgrade or pay someone to watch your kid,  that counts too.

“You can prove it through a variety of methods, and we tried to make sure there was not just one way. If you lost wages or had childcare expenses in relation to getting that software upgrade, you would be entitled to additional compensation,” said Lindenfeld.

Owners don’t have to wait for the mailer, you can make your claim online. You’ll need your VIN to start the process.



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