Students file class-action lawsuit against UC Davis over elimination of PE classes

By Sawson Morrar | Sacramento Bee

Students at the UC Davis filed a lawsuit against their university over terminating physical education classes and continuing to charge students fees that cover the program.

On behalf of the UC Davis student body, students Madison Butler, Bailey Johnson, Corrie O’Brien and Urvashi Mahto filed the class-action lawsuit against the Regents of the University of California on May 25 in Yolo Superior Court.

For years, the physical education program offered more than 35,000 students an opportunity to enroll in various courses including archery, flag football, self defense, tennis, volleyball and weight training.

When UC Davis experienced budget cuts in 1994, the program was in jeopardy, prompting the university to implement the Student Activities and Services Initiative fee, a permanent student fee of $380.90 per year to keep the program.

But the university “unilaterally decided to terminate the PE program in December. Students and faculty protested the termination of the program, and collected more than 5,400 signatures in 2020 to save the program.

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