Case Statistics

Defendant Name: Sachin Shridharani, M.D., Luxurgery, Sientra, Inc., Advarra, Inc.

Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

Status: Active
Date Filed: 02/08/2024

Case Documents

Case Overview

In February 2024, FeganScott filed a lawsuit against New York City-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Sachin Shridharani, and the practice he founded, Luxurgery, for allegedly violating patient-physician confidentiality by videotaping a patient’s breast augmentation surgery without the patient’s consent, and subsequently posting the video recording to Luxurgery’s social media accounts.  

The suit claims that as soon as the patient, identified as Jane Doe in the complaint, became aware of the social posts she immediately asked Dr. Shridharani and Luxurgery to remove them. The initial posts were removed, but several months later, the video was posted a second time. Jane Doe once again asked Dr. Shridharani and Luxurgery to remove the posts, to which they complied. However, they went on to post the video a third time, yet again violating Jane Doe’s physician-patient confidentiality agreement, leading her to take legal action against the practice and Dr. Shridharani. 

Through the suit, FeganScott intends to prohibit Luxurgery and Dr. Shridharani from using any images or video recordings from Jane Doe’s procedure, and hold the practice and Dr. Shridharani accountable for this abhorrent breach of trust.