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Practice Area: Employment Litigation

Status: Active

Case Overview

Our clients have four consolidated EEOC claims against a manufacturer of personalized glassware in the western suburbs of Chicago. Four women claim they were discriminated against on the basis of their gender, race, and national origin, and that they were subjected to quid pro quo propositions and a hostile work environment for years at the hands of management.

They claim they were fired in retaliation for making complaints about a manager’s inappropriate treatment to the owner and president of the company, who told them he would “listen to their complaints once they could make them in English.”

Our client, a former kitchen manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, claims that he was the victim of racial discrimination and subject to a hostile work environment, where white employees were treated more favorably than similarly situated non-white employees, resulting in his termination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Our client alleges she was the subject of gender discrimination and sexual harassment by management at a major automobile dealership in North Aurora. Management made her account for her automotive sales under male employees account numbers, claiming the men had familial obligations and needed the money to support their families.