Premises Liability

FeganScott is pursuing a case against a homeowners’ association and property management team due to an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice in a poorly maintained parking area.

Workers’ Compensation

FeganScott is pursuing a case on behalf of a state employee, who suffered electrical and traumatic injuries to his head, back and neck, and loss of hearing. Our client underwent spinal fusion surgery and surgery to reattach a torn bicep. He suffers from debilitating headaches and hand tremors.

Dog Bite Liability

Our client was mauled by a dog that she agreed to foster from an Illinois dog shelter. Despite knowing that the dog was a dangerous under Illinois Animal Control laws, the defendant assured our client the dog was safe and had a pleasant disposition. Shortly after our client took the animal into her home, the dog mauled her, causing serious injuries to her hand and arms, requiring months of physical therapy and a recent surgery to repair nerve damage to her hand.

Uninsured Motorist Claim

Our client suffered broken bones and lacerations, requiring surgery, after head-on collision in Chicago where the negligent driver was uninsured.

Retaliatory Discharge, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Defamation

Our client was struck by a vehicle driven by a co-worker at a large automobile dealership in North Aurora, Illinois. Instead of allowing him to make a workers’ compensation claim, the defendant created a doctored surveillance video of the accident and threatened our client with prosecution for making a false police report if he did not sign a voluntary resignation form.

Sexual harassment, Hostile Work Environment and Retaliatory Discharge

Our clients have four consolidated EEOC claims against a manufacturer of personalized glassware in the western suburbs of Chicago. Four women claim they were discriminated against on the basis of their gender, race, and national origin, and that they were subjected to quid pro quo propositions and a hostile work environment for years at the hands of management.

They claim they were fired in retaliation for making complaints about a manager’s inappropriate treatment to the owner and president of the company, who told them he would “listen to their complaints once they could make them in English.”

Our client, a former kitchen manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, claims that he was the victim of racial discrimination and subject to a hostile work environment, where white employees were treated more favorably than similarly situated non-white employees, resulting in his termination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Our client alleges she was the subject of gender discrimination and sexual harassment by management at a major automobile dealership in North Aurora. Management made her account for her automotive sales under male employees account numbers, claiming the men had familial obligations and needed the money to support their families.

Right of Publicity Act

Our client claims a local photography company posted private photographs and other protected information on the internet for the world to see, violating multiple privacy laws.

Product Liability/Medical Malpractice

FeganScott represents a client who claims a physician placed faulty surgical staples at their colostomy site, causing pelvic abscess and requiring emergency corrective surgery.

Medical Malpractice

Our client claims a physician misread X-Rays and failed to diagnose fractures and presence of bone shards in affected areas. Upon follow-up, the treating physician discovered misdiagnosis, and performed emergency surgery to correct issue.