Workers’ Compensation

$640,000 on behalf of widow whose husband died while working as a cemetery landscaper.

$220,000 on behalf of widow in contested claim against trucking company. Respondent claimed that driver was an independent contractor and not an employee for purposes of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

$90,000 recovered on behalf of client in contested workers’ compensation claim, where employer denied client was injured during the course and scope of her employment.

Product Liability

$80,000 settlement in case against seller of ultralight propeller.

Auto Accident Victims

$120,000 settlement on behalf of client in low-impact collision case. Defendant denied liability, and the accident caused soft-tissue injuries.

$140,000 settlement on behalf of husband and wife that suffered soft-tissue injuries when rear-ended while sitting at red light.

$220,000 settlement on behalf of client whose car was struck in median after suffering flat tire.

$175,000 settlement on behalf of a father and son involved in head-on collision case during a winter storm.

$120,000 and $95,000 settlements on behalf of pedestrians struck by cars while crossing street.


$350,000 settlement pre-litigation on behalf of female executive against employer for gender discrimination.

$150,000 settlement pre-litigation on behalf of male executive against employer for sexual harassment and retaliation.


Unlawful repossession$50,000 settlement against automobile manufacturer and finance company for unlawful repossession of automobile. The car was repossessed from pregnant woman, at night, under threat of arrest.

Willful and vexatious conduct by School District: $80,000 settlement for high school football player who suffered a second concussion after his coach ignored IHSA concussion protocol.

Dog bite$30,000 settlement on behalf of woman bitten by a dog on sidewalk in front of owner’s home.

Nursing Care Act: $75,000 settlement against nursing home after an elderly woman fell out of her wheelchair because orderly failed to use lap-belt.

Premise liability: $50,000 settlement against Walgreens where client tripped over pothole in handicapped parking space.

Privacy violation: $55,000 settlement for client whose ex-boyfriend violated her privacy by posting naked pictures of her on internet.

Uninsured motorist: $45,000 settlement for client that was struck by uninsured motorist while riding a motorcycle.