Beth Fegan Named Co-Lead Counsel in Allergan BIOCELL Class Action

Elizabeth A. Fegan, founder and managing partner of FeganScott, was named co-lead counsel in the U.S. district court class-action litigation involving Allergan, the manufacturers of BIOCELL textured and “gummy” breast implants and tissue expanders.

FeganScott filed a national class-action lawsuit against Allergan on October 4, 2019, claiming that although the FDA issued a recall for Allergan’s BIOCELL products, the company has no plans to provide medical monitoring for individuals at risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

More recently, FeganScott filed an emergency motion to stop what the firm describes as an effort by Allergan to mislead plaintiffs and convince them to sign away their rights to sue the manufacturer.

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