FeganScott Announces CafePress as Target of National Class Action over Data Breach

CafePress, touted as the world’s largest online gift shop with more than a billion products and a “safe and secure” shopping guarantee, is the target of a proposed national class-action lawsuit by consumer-rights law firm FeganScott, claiming the retailer allowed hackers access to millions of consumers’ credit information.

According to the law firm, CafePress failed to update security software that is widely known as flawed, failed to employ best practices and failed to alert customers of the data breach.

“As galling as it is to know that a national retailer like CafePress failed in its duty to safeguard consumer information, it is reprehensible that they knew – or should have known – about the breach and failed to warn their customers that their credit card information and social security numbers could be for sale to the highest bidder on the dark web,” said Beth Fegan, founder and managing member of FeganScott.

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