FeganScott Announces Investigation into Prenatal Testing Options Revealing Flawed Genetic Results

Today consumer-rights law firm FeganScott announced it has launched a broad-ranging investigation into whether certain national medical laboratories, including Natera (NASDAQ:NTRA), Sequenom (now owned byLabcorp, NYSE: LH), and Quest (NYSE: DGX), provided expectant mothers with lab test results the organizations knew – or should have known – returned unacceptably high percentages of flawed results.

In some instances, the flawed results led expectant mothers to believe the children they were carrying had serious genetic abnormalities, according to media reports.

“Since we’ve begun our investigation into mothers who were offered prenatal testing and received flawed results, it’s evident this issue is widespread,” said Beth Fegan, founder of FeganScott. “We are examining whether the labs acted appropriately in how they disclosed information regarding the accuracy of the testing, and whether those disclosures were done in a way that allowed parents to make informed decisions regarding the test and test results.”

Read more about the investigation here.