FeganScott Secures $2.5 Million Settlement in McCormick Black Pepper Class-Action Lawsuit, Pending Final Approval

Today, consumer rights law firm FeganScott announced the preliminary approval of a $2.5 million class action settlement on behalf of purchasers of certain black pepper products in California, Florida and Missouri. The settlement will resolve consumer claims that McCormick & Company under-filled its black pepper products, as well as certain store-brand black pepper products, shorting customers as a result.

The lawsuit, pending in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, claimed that the company under-filled black pepper products, reducing the amount of black pepper in spice tins by 25% and grinders by 19% without adjusting prices or alerting consumers, a practice known as slack filling.

“As an iconic brand, consumers have placed their trust in McCormick for years,” said Fegan. “We hope that this settlement reminds companies that they should always operate with consumers’ interest in mind, and when they don’t, consumers will hold them accountable.”


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