Fortune: It could have been me: The NCAA must do more to protect student-athletes from sexual abuse

In a recent op-ed published by Fortune, Summer-Solstice Thomas discusses some of the consequences of the recent dismissal of our NCAA sexual assault lawsuit, which you can find more information about here. Read on for Thomas’ insights below.

“I was sixteen and gangly. I used to feel his gaze on my bony back, my arms swinging, shoulder blades cutting back and forth like bird wings as my knees pulled up into a marching drill. 

Back then, six years ago, I craved his approval. Now I look back on teenage memories and wish I could wrap my arms around those knobby elbows and protect that girl—protect her from the horrific potential of that gaze.

Between 1996 and 2001, according to the allegations in a federal lawsuit, John Rembao groomed and then emotionally and sexually abused three women—Erin Aldrich, Jessica Johnson, and Londa Bevins—while coaching them at the University of Arizona and the University of Texas-Austin.

After gaining their trust through nightly “recruiting” calls—using the pretense of scholarship offers and athletic potential to make Aldrich, Johnson, and Bevins crave his approval and attention—Rembao allegedly manipulated the power of coach over athlete into abuse.”

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