Harvey Weinstein Close to $25 Million Civil Settlement With Accusers

By: Gene Maddaus, Variety

Harvey Weinstein is close to a $25 million settlement that would resolve most of the civil litigation against him, including a broad class action case accusing him and his board of directors of a systemic pattern of sexual misconduct.

The general terms of the agreement have been in place for several months, though it has taken time to resolve the details. Under the deal, the insurance companies for the Weinstein Co. would pay the victims with the most serious claims $500,000 apiece. A larger pool of claimants would split the balance of the funds. The deal was first reported by the New York Times.

“Given several courts’ rulings dismissing many of the survivors’ claims and the fact that The Weinstein Company is in bankruptcy, we have fought hard to ensure that the survivors will not be left without recourse,” Fegan said. “Our clients have shouldered a heavy burden, fighting a battle on behalf of all survivors to create a victims’ fund that will be available for every woman who was abused by Weinstein to make a confidential claim.”

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