Retirement Mobile Home Community Neglected for Decades, Causing Destructive Flooding, Injury and Risk of Illness According to FeganScott Law Firm

Today a group of mobile homeowners filed a federal class-action lawsuit claiming real estate giant Equity LifeStyle Properties (NYSE:ELS) has ignored decades of complaints over failed drainage issues, leaving residents to deal with frequent flooding, mud, injuries, damaged mobile homes and cars, and more, in dereliction of their duties as mobile home park operators and owners.

The suit alleges ELS failed to maintain the Heritage Plantation property since 2003 by ignoring code violations, failing to maintain the park’s buildings and common areas, and ignoring a failing stormwater drainage system causing severe flooding during ordinary rainfall.

Heritage Plantation is located in Vero Beach and has over 400 homes across its nearly 70-acre campus.

Read more about the lawsuit here.