San Francisco Foghorn: Former USF baseball coaches under fire for “alleged sexualized environment”

This article was published by Miguel Arcayena of the San Francisco Foghorn.

The SF Chronicle published a report March 11 detailing the experiences of three former USF baseball players who are suing former head coach Nino Giarratano and former assistant coach Troy Nakamura for “persistent psychological abuse and repeated inappropriate sexual conduct,” according to the lawsuit.

In an email from University President Paul Fitzgerald S.J. to the USF community, Nakamura was fired Jan. 13 after the University investigated complaints from players, and Giarratano was “officially reprimanded on Jan. 24.” Giarratano was fired March 13.

The class-action lawsuit filed by the three players, identified as John Does 1, 2, and 3 in the article and lawsuit, also claims that USF was aware of these coaches’ behavior and that the National Collegiate Athletic Association failed to “implement any rules prohibiting sexual harassment.” Plaintiffs have not quantified their claim for monetary damages at this point in the lawsuit.

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