The Civil Case Against Harvey Weinstein, the NCAA and the University of Southern California with Elizabeth Fegan | Miranda Warnings

Elizabeth Fegan, lead counsel for several plaintiffs in a civil suit against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, joins David to discuss the likelihood of her case becoming a class action suit, the impact of Weinstein’s bankruptcy on any future successful judgments and possible delays to key aspects of the civil suit that could result from Weinstein’s upcoming trial in Los Angeles.

Fegan, who is a founding member of FeganScott, also details how she intends to prove the case against Weinstein and create a safer process for women to come forward to establish damages on an individual basis.

In another civil case where she is lead counsel, Fegan talks about her current class action suit against the NCAA and her case against former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall. The USC case, which had 10 named plaintiffs, had more than 10,000 women submit claims. A decision on the distribution of monies is anticipated to be made in February 2021.

Discussing the class action suit against the NCAA, Fegan explains her reasoning for beginning an investigation and how forcing the NCAA to change its policies will cause schools to change their rules.

Over the past two episodes of Miranda Warnings, David spoke with defense attorneys and attorneys involved in civil lawsuits against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

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