Tips for Starting a Remote Law Firm: A Q&A with Beth Fegan, Esq.

By: Elizabeth DiNardo, Esq. | Counsel Financial

FeganScott is nationwide class action law firm that specializes in litigation involving sexual abuse, discrimination, consumer fraud and antitrust cases, and describes itself as a powerful ally for consumers and small businesses. Attorney Beth Fegan, along with her husband, Timothy Scott, built the practice from the ground up in 2019. Beth recently spoke to us on the subject of start her own firm and managing employees spread out across the country.

Counsel Financial: Before we discuss the origination of your own law firm, can you give us an update on how your firm has transitioned to working remotely. Some firms have found the shift from working together in the physical office to working separately from home challenging. How has your team handled it?

Beth Fegan: Honestly, we have handled the work-from-home order really well because our practice has been mostly remote since it began. Unlike a lot of firms who are grappling with how to stay connected with each other while working from home, it’s really been business as usual for us.

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