Women Sue Allergan for Concealing Breast Implant Cancer Risk

By Nicole Knight, MedTruth

Six women are suing Allergan Inc., claiming the Irish pharmaceutical giant “buried” reports that its now-recalled textured silicone breast implants were linked to a rare form of cancer to hide possible safety risks from the public.

In a potential national class-action suit filed in federal court last month, the women allege that Allergan failed to properly file safety reports in the Food and Drug Administration’s public database, as reported by Law360. Instead, Allergan registered the reports as “alternative summary reports,” delaying their discovery with an “intent to deceive,” according to a press statement from consumer-rights law firm Fegan Scott, which represents the women.

“For decades, Allergan knew that its recalled implants were six times more likely to cause BIA-ALCL, but it continued to market these products, seemingly with little regard for the well-being of its users,” plaintiffs’ attorney Beth Fegan said.

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