Case Statistics

Defendant Name: Loyola University Chicago

Court: Circuit Court of Cook County

Practice Area: Sexual Abuse & Assault

Status: Active
Date Filed: 09/21/2022

Case Documents

Case Overview

As local counsel, FeganScott filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of three former and current students against Loyola University for allegedly mishandling and underreporting complaints of sexual misconduct.

According to the complaint, Loyola University failed to follow federal and state regulations in reviewing, investigating, reporting and resolving complaints of sexual assault and sexual harassment. As a result, plaintiffs were not provided with the protection, support, and access to justice that they deserved.

Furthermore, the suit details the university’s violation of its internal policies and procedures along with federal and state regulations in underreporting the number of violent sexual criminal offenses that occurred on or near campus.

The class action lawsuit seeks to recover damages for the plaintiffs’ significant physical and emotional distress as well as monetary losses arising from the trauma they suffered. Additionally, it seeks to require Loyola University to improve reporting and investigation procedures for incidents of sexual violence.